a peoples’ conference on the imf-wbg/
cadi ayyad university club, marrakech, morocco/ 8-9 october 2023

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Almost 80 years, not another year more:

Reclaim our future from neoliberal dictates and false solutions! Shut down the IMF-WBG!

imf-wbg roles in crises,
building a peoples’ history

Almost 80 years since IMF-WBG founding

The year 2023 marks 79 years since the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference created what would become the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank Group (WBG).

For almost 80 years, the IMF-WBG have since left their mark on economies especially in the global South – often with adverse consequences.

Today, their legacies and ongoing influence casts a shadow over the world, with policies that often harm those they claim to help. The 2023 Annual Meetings will be held in a continent wracked by colonialism and continuing economic and political interventions by powers and global institutions.

With today’s multiple crises, the dominant power in the IMF-WBG, the United States, has called on these institutions to re-tool and adapt, borrowing seemingly progressive language on gender, climate change, health, and fragility and conflict. But glossy words cannot cover up their track record. Nor can they conceal ongoing harms.

Holding the IMF-WBG accountable would need tracing their concrete harms and decades-long track record, while amplifying peoples’ resistance — this requires building a comprehensive and strong narrative, a “peoples’ history” of the IMF-WBG. 

The Reclaim Our Future Conference aims to contribute to this peoples’ history, as the Bretton Woods Conference turned 79 this year, and will mark eight decades next year.

want to tell a story of imf-wbg harms?

Your critical voice can shed light on IMF-WBG roles behind the multiple crises. Your voice can shape a peoples’ history, as people’s organisations, social movements, and civil society. Let us question the answers provided by the IMF-WBG, and hold them accountable.

how can we submit a session or workshop?

Submit by 4 September 2023.

how can we be involved?

Among Conference co-organizers are Arab, African, and global South organisations in general social movements, civil society organisations, networks of Indigenous Peoples, food sovereignty advocates, anti-imperialists, among others. Join us!